• Don't let Abbey's hope
    go down the drain.

    In 2008, six-year-old Abbey Taylor died from injuries she received from an improperly maintained wading pool drain. Her hope was that no child would again suffer or die as the result of a preventable entrapment. The Abbey's Hope Charitable foundation works tirelessly on her behalf.
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  • Pool drains:
    the great
    unknown danger.

    Pool and spa drains can pose a deadly hazard to children. If you spot a loose, missing, or broken drain cover, get out of the water and notify the owner or operator immediately. Warn children to stay away from drains to avoid entrapment.
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  • Swimming.
    A Life Skill, And
    A Life or Death Skill.

    Every child needs to know how to swim, float, tread water and get in and out of the pool safely! We recommend starting lessons by age 4. Also, enroll in classes in First Aid and CPR (for infants, children and adults) and have an emergency plan.
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  • Fences, Gates, Locks.
    All Necessary.

    Every pool needs an isolation fence surrounding it on all sides—four to five feet high. Gates should be self-latching and locking. Experts say such measures could have prevented up to 90% of childhood drownings and near-drownings.
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  • Be a Water Watchdog.

    One adult should be watching children in the pool or spa at all times. Even if there's a lifeguard. Even if the kids can swim. Pledge to use the Water Watchdog system to divide supervision responsibilities; pass on the Watchdog tags when you're ready to switch.
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  • Abbey's Hope Airs New PSA.

    Abbey's Hope airs a powerful new public service announcement warning parents of the potential dangers of pool and spa drains.

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  • Save the Date

    The date for 7th Annual Abbey's Hope Golf Tournament and Party has been set.

    Join us September 8th at Braemar Golf Course in Edina for a day of fun for a serious mission!

Abbey’s Hope announces details for 5th annual golf tournament

EDINA, MINN. – August 15, 2012 – Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation today announces details for its 5th annual golf tournament, Monday, Sept. 17 at Braemar Golf Course in Edina.

“We’re excited for this day of fun while raising awareness for a very serious cause,” said Katey Taylor, co-founder of Abbey’s Hope and mother to Abbey Taylor, who died of complications from injuries due to an improperly maintained pool drain. “The generosity and support of the community allows us to continue to fund programs that make pools and spas safer for our children.”

Abbey’s Hope reminds parents to be vigilant following recent drownings

EDINA, MINN. – July 10, 2012 – According to a recent Minnesota Department of Natural Resources report, the number of drownings in the state has reached a 10-year high with 25 non-boating deaths so far this year.

 “We are alarmed at the disturbing number of drownings that have already occurred this summer,” said Katey Taylor, co-founder of Abbey’s Hope and mother to Abbey Taylor, who died of complications from injuries due to an improperly maintained pool drain. “Many of these tragedies could have been prevented by wearing a life vest and with active parental supervision.”

Abbey’s Hope co-founder presented with prestigious Rotary Club award

EDINA, MINN. – May 31, 2012 – Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation is honored to announce that Katey Taylor, co-founder of Abbey’s Hope, was presented the Chrysanne Manoles Women in Leadership Award on Thursday, May 24.

The Dragonfly Story

Excerpted from the eulogy at Abbey Taylor's Celebration of Life Service

Below the surface of a quiet pond lived a colony of water bugs. They were happy, living far from the sun. But they noticed that occasionally, a member of their colony would climb up a lily stalk and disappear from sight, never to return. Where do you suppose she went? wondered a water bug.

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Pool Safety Tips

  • Use the Water Watchdog System to make sure children are always closely supervised in the pool area.
  • Remind kids to stay away from pool and hot tub drains.
  • Never dive into water less than 9 feet deep.
  • Keep gates to the pool area latched.

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